COVID-19 in China

As of May 10, 2021, there have been 90,769 reported COVID-19 cases in China.


Anhui β€’ Beijing β€’ Chongqing β€’ Fujian β€’ Gansu β€’ Guangdong β€’ Guangxi β€’ Guizhou β€’ Hainan β€’ Hebei β€’ Heilongjiang β€’ Henan β€’ Hong Kong β€’ Hubei β€’ Hunan β€’ Inner Mongolia β€’ Jiangsu β€’ Jiangxi β€’ Jilin β€’ Liaoning β€’ Macau β€’ Ningxia β€’ Qinghai β€’ Shaanxi β€’ Shandong β€’ Shanghai β€’ Shanxi β€’ Sichuan β€’ Tianjin β€’ Tibet β€’ Xinjiang β€’ Yunnan β€’ Zhejiang